Map and location

What are the routes for the walk and the run?
The routes are similar for both walk and run, but the run is 5 km. Both events start in Tunney’s Pasture, then head out to the Sir John A MacDonald Parkway. See the maps for more details.


Are the sizes different for women and men?
Yes! Please see the updated sizing charts.
What is the colour?
This year the t-shirts will be blue. We will also outfit our volunteers in ‘Safety Orange’ so that they’ll be easy for participants to spot.
Once I choose my size, can I change my mind?
Yes, you will be able to edit your t-shirt size until September 14, 2018 through the online registration page.

General questions

What if it rains?
Rain or shine, the show must go on. The event will not be postponed if it rains.
Can I sign up first and then decide on race day (October 4th) whether to run or walk?
Change requests can be managed through the online registration page until September 27th.
Can I register after September 14th?
Yes, you can register after September 14th but you will not be able to get the t-shirt (they have to be ordered a couple of weeks before the event). The registration closes on September 28th.
Can I get a receipt? Can I get a receipt instead of a t-shirt?
No, we are not authorized to issue receipts. Along with your registration fees, each participant will receive: a t-shirt, a race that has been professionally mapped out by Zone3 Sports, the convenience of online registration and timing chips by SportStats. We are also fortunate to have sponsors donate prizes and treats for the participants.
Is the Challenge wheelchair accessible?
Yes, both races are wheelchair accessible.
Can I run or walk with my stroller?
Yes, strollers are welcome on both courses. Because strollers take up more space, if you choose to run or walk with your stroller, please line up at the back.
Is there a time cut-off for the walk or run?
The Sir John A MacDonald Parkway will only be closed for the duration of the Wellness Challenge. If you expect to take more than 40 minutes to complete the 5-km run, please consider the 3-km walk. Historically, 97% of runners complete the course within the time limit.
What are the events operational/administration costs?
The Wellness Challenge is held in support of the GCWCC and all funds raised will go towards making a difference in the lives of people living in our communities. Part of the registration fees go towards the operational and administrative costs of the event: t-shirts, bibs, timing chips, credit card processing fees, road closures, police, port-a-potties, etc.
Where will my funds go after I register online?
After we recuperate administration costs from your registration fee, the remaining balance will be transferred to the GCWCC, which supports organizations in the National Capital Region through United Way, Health Partners and Centraide Outaouais.
Can I volunteer for this event?
Absolutely! Please follow the link on the Registration tab.
I would like to register my department, what do I do?
If your department does not appear on the list on our secure online registration page, please contact info@wellnesschallenge.ca
What are you doing to be more environmentally friendly?
We have started our own ‘Go Green’ initiative:

  • Blue bins to recycle plastic water bottles
  • Green bins to recycle food waste from snacks
  • Encouraging participants to car pool or bike – we have secure bicycle parking available on-site!
Will there be anything to eat after the event?
Light snacks will be provided after the event in our dining tent.
There will also be food trucks on site with food available for purchase.

What is the cost to enter this event?
Run Walk Dates
$40 $35 June 1 – July 7
$45 $40 July 8 – Sept 14
$50 $45 Sept 15 – Sept 28
Can anyone join in the race?
The race is open to everyone.
Is there a place to store my clothes/bags?
There will be a gear check tent on site to store your clothes and bags.
Are there any change rooms?
No, there are no change rooms. However, there will be nine port-a-potties on site that can also be used as change rooms.